Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Keebler
Music by Jamie Lee Jacobs

The Sophomores is a two-act modern musical fairytale about a sixteen-year-old, Sam Copeland, who moves across the country to a small Midwestern town after the separation his parents. A fish out of water, Sam’s only friend come in the form of Emily, a quiet and secluded girl in search of human contact. Sam’s greatest opposition is image-obsessed Kate, girlfriend of football star and all-American-boy Peter, who fears the loss of her status when Sam’s arrival seems to stir an uncharacteristic rebelliousness in Peter. Over the next few months, Sam and Peter develop an unexpected friendship and share a kiss in the dark. From there a ticking time bomb is ignited. It is only a matter of time before forbidden love shows its face, the parents find out, and Emily and Kate must deal with losing their princes and their “happily ever after.”