Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Keebler
Music by Bob Kelly

Truth or Lie is a one-act musical about the lies we tell other people so often that we convince ourselves they're true. Tech prodigy, Gavin, has everything a twenty-three-year-old could ask for: a loving boyfriend, a fulfilling passion, and a promising career. Yet, on the night his company is launching their first app, Gavin has decided to abandon it all, pack up, and move back to his small Midwestern town. Gavin's quiet exit is foiled by his two nosy coworkers, a very attached best friend, and an ex-girlfriend who can't seem to move on. A night of crazy situations, elaborates lies, and dramatic confessions ensue. By the end of the night, Gavin and his friends are forced to face some hard truths about themselves and how they want to world to see them.